Congratulations to Paul Henderson on successful completion of his JCURA award

Undergraduate student Paul Henderson, working in collaboration with Miguel Nacenta just completed a Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA) at the VIXI lab. His project has to do with memory in documents.

The Jamie Cassell Undergraduate Research Awards provide a funded opportunity for undergraduates at the University of Victoria to engage in research with leading groups at the university. This year Paul Henderson used it to collaborate with Miguel Nacenta in a project titled CLueSS, which is a backronym for Conceptual Linear Stretchable Space, a technique to make documents more memorable and navigable with SVG images. Paul was one of only eight students in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science to get the award and completed it and presented it successfully this March.

The project is leverages visual memory to help people navigate large documents more effectively. You can check the poster and a short research presentation by Paul here. We intend to follow up the project with a study to verify if CLueSS achieves the intended gains in navigation and memory.