Talk by Adam Binks

PhD student Adam Binks from the University of St Andrews visits the VIXI lab and gives a talk on "What are representational transformations, and how can our tools support them"? The talk is in ECS660 on Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 at 12:30.

External representations are immensely important for complex tasks - knowledge workers routinely use notes, sketches, diagrams, maps, and slides. Lots of HCI work therefore focuses on the design of tools to build representations but the question of how to support the¬†move between¬†representations is much more neglected. We call the move between representations ‘representational transformation’.

In this talk, I’ll discuss: What are the properties of representational transformations? What roles do they play in complex tasks like essaywriting? And how can we design the next generation of representational tools to better support them?

[Adam Binks]( is a PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His research interests include representational tools, argument mapping, essaywriting, and judgemental forecasting.